A Paris-based company called New Wind has created a “Wind Tree” that harness wind power in an efficient, small scale way for uses spanning urban utilities, agricultural devices and small scale home use. he company claims that a single Wind Tree can supply 83% of the electricity needs of an average French family or provide power to an electric car to drive 10,168 miles per year or clean a 1,766 cubic feet swimming pool for a year.

More practically, set up in a linked urban array as is being planned for Paris, the devices can each power 15 street lamps (50 ) or lighting for 71 parking spaces, so this is very appealing for municipalities in windy climates like Boston or Chicago.

Wind Tree – Feature Set

  • Each “tree” has 72 micro turbines to harness energy at wind speeds as low as 4.4 miles per hour (7 kpm), twice as sensitive as traditional turbines.
  • Each tree has a current power output of 3.1 kilowatts.
  • The trees are 11 meters (36 ft) tall, and 8 meters (26 ft) in diameter at its widest point, which makes it about the same height as many urban trees.
  • The white frame of the tree is made out of steel, and it can hold 72 turbines that sit vertically.
  • They are durable enough to withstand Category 3 winds, which can reach 178 – 208 km/h (111-129 mph).
  • Each turbine “sheet,” called an Aeroleaf, is constructed out of lightweight plastic treated with a resin which protects it from weather conditions such as humidity and salt (for areas close to the sea).
  • The turbines are wired in parallel so that if one stops working for whatever reason, the others will not be affected.