Let’s Engage with Ms. Mohan- Smart Northeastern Reporter



Earnings Season requires that entrepreneurs look into the “reported results” and think about what was NOT revealed.  Here’s a smart reporter at Fast Company finally looking at results of the biggest tech companies.

Read what she has to say….

An earnings bonanza was had this week, with heavy hitters like Apple, Tesla, Alphabet, Amazon, and Twitter reporting Q3 earnings. For some, it was a cakewalk: Alphabet revenue was up due to mobile search and video, and Tesla had its second profitable quarter in three years.

Picture Credit: Bell Helicopter

For others, namely Twitter, middling earnings were just the icing on the cake: Twitter also revealed that it is cutting 9% of its workforce—about 350 jobs—and soon after, came the news that Twitter is shuttering Vine. Chipotle, too, had less-than-stellar earnings: A 22% decrease in same-store sales proves that last year’s food safety scandal is still affecting Chipotle’s bottom line.

In other news, Microsoft and Apple both released new hardware in the way of the Surface Studio PC and new MacBook Pros; the FCC ruled that AT&T, Comcast, and other broadband providers can no longer collect user data without permission; Snapchat wants to raise $4 billion in its IPO next year; and Facebook is still trying to replicate Snapchat.

And Chipolte is turning around BTW – great product and dedication to service. Here’s their new delivery team presented above. Shhh!

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