Insperity Flagged the 100 Best Business Executives Over Time

Here’s a Hat Tip to Insperity ! Congrats to Novo Nordisk which has already has a positive impact on the Upper Valley with an improved facility for hemophilia treatment medicine. Located in West Lebanon, New Hampshire, Novo Nordisk US Bio Production, Inc. (NNUSBPI), is a biopharmaceutical manufacturing facility that works to produce trusted products for people living with the rare bleeding disorder known as hemophilia.

HBR offers a tribute to the “best 100 executives” over time and we should applaud that Harvard is looking at leadership performance OVER TIME:

“There are so many reasons for leaders to focus on the short term: slow growth, shareholder activism, political turmoil—to name just a few. Yet some CEOs still manage to train their sights on the long term and deliver strong performance over many years. Since its launch, in 2010, the basic philosophy of HBR’s ranking has remained unchanged: that business leaders should be judged by the results they produce over their entire tenure, and that the evaluation should be based on objective data, not public opinion. That approach achieves a truer—and more dependable—picture of performance. Just as ballplayers’ lifetime batting averages don’t rise or fall dramatically on the basis of their last few at-bats, our ranking doesn’t shift significantly with last quarter’s numbers—or even last year’s.”

Kevin Kruse took the time to assemble leadership quotes for EVERY day of the year (nice for those tear sheet desktop calendars) but here’s just one:


Picture Credit: Emily’s Quotes

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